“It’s (the filmmaker) Loa’s immense observational talent that gives his film its spectacular dimension.”

Paul Landriau
President of AQCC (Association québécoise des critiques de cinéma)

“If you like pure cinema… An exceptional, singular experience! Absolutely breathtaking music. We are bewitched, fascinated, intrigued.”

Georges Privet
Film critic of the MÉDIUM LARGE show (Radio-Canada)

“Claiming an absolute cinema, in the wake of Ruttmann, Reggio and Glass, Thierry Loa invites us to a true ‘Civilization Symphony’. It’s hard not to be impressed by the undeniable visual prowess of this artist inspired by the dazzling images of which many mark us forever.”

Fabrice Montal
Programmer & curator of the Cinémathèque Québécoise

“For its uniqueness, ambitious audio-visual work, hypnotic atmosphere and perspective on humanity…”

RIDM's Student Jury awarding 20-22 OMEGA "Best Film"
Montreal International Documentary Festival 2018

“A remarkable work of mind and is possibly unique in the world of documentary cinema. 20-22 Ω is a time capsule of sorts. One that deserves to be opened right now and peered into intensely by all.”

Adam Pasamanick
Art critic & artist

“20-22 OMEGA is a documentary of tremendous importance, providing a unique visual and musical experience about the state of our world. Highly recommend.”

Amy Miller
Filmmaker; programmer of CINÉMA POLITICA